Resist Mass Surveillance

Today global civil society and privacy advocates draw attention to the mass surveillance that digital life and tools - and the complicity of corporate entities - has engendered. The NSA and Edward Snowden scandals are just the latest revelations in a crisis that has been growing for years; witness this Wired article that discusses whistleblower… Continue reading Resist Mass Surveillance

WikiLeaks Debate: A “Transparency Activist” Takes Issue with Assange; WikiLeaks

If you haven't come across it before, the Democracy Now! program is an excellent resource for the kind of in-depth, globally focused reporting that is notably absent from today's mainstream infotainment options dominating cable and network TV and the Internet. Host Amy Goodman frequently brings guests on to discuss contemporary issues such as net neutrality, media… Continue reading WikiLeaks Debate: A “Transparency Activist” Takes Issue with Assange; WikiLeaks